Monday, January 5, 2009

Pasta Snowflakes and Homemade Books

I met with the trainer today who suggested that I do Y-PUMP and Spin Class three times a week. She went with me to the first Y-PUMP. Thank goodness, I really needed help with all the equipment. I am definately going to have to take some Advil. It totally kicked my butt. Afterwords, I only had 15 minutes to run, so I ran on the steepest incline I could. The really good news is that the Y offers an adult swim class that I can start on Wed. Maybe there is hope for me yet! Poor Will, when I went to pick him up there were millions of kids in the nursery. He was crying because so many other kids were. I'm hoping some of the people will clear out in the next month or so as those New Year's resolutions become foggy in everyone's minds.

This is the pasta snowflake craft that Alice did yesterday.
1. First I drew a snowflake with six lines. We used regular copy paper which was a mistake. Next time we will use something much more sturdy. There is a lot of paint and glue involved which weighs it down.

2. Then Alice covered the lines with glue and stuck wagonwheel pasta on the line. We used the mini wagonwheel pasta.

3. When the glue dried, she painted the snowflakes with white paint.

4. While the paint was still wet, she sprinkled glitter all over the snowflakes.

5. When the paint dried, I cut around the snowflake. When she wakes up, we'll add some string and she can decide where she wants to hang them!

I started to feel bad because I always post the things that Alice and I do, so I decided to start adding some Will things too! This is a homemade book I did for him about Christmas. I have made others about special events (e.g. his birthday party, his family, his toys). He is 14 months and is really starting to try to say new words. He imitates a lot of what we say, so this is a good way to let him practice, and he just likes looking at himself! I print off the pictures, add stickers with one or two words, and then laminate. I have a laminator at home because I make so many materials for my job (speech therapist). Finally I punch holes in the corner and attach a ring. They are very durable, so much so that I still have the ones that I made for Alice when she was a baby. Now she likes to try to read the words. If I can remember to take the others out of their rooms before they go to sleep, I'll post some more later.


Carisa said...

Very cute book idea!!!!
;) Carisa

Momma Snail said...

I love the books! These are really cute!