Sunday, January 24, 2010

Week of January 18th

I am really digging deep to keep from loosing it. We had an ice storm on Wednesday so school was cancelled on Wednesday and Thursday. This meant that we have spent way too much time inside. I am dying to go for a walk or to play at the park. This week we have:

spent a lot of time in our pjs
read tons of books
played chase until we were dizzy
ate too much popcorn
colored lots of pictures
did many many puzzles
listened to ABBA on repeat x1000?(Alice)
crafted, crafted, crafted

Brad has been busy in his workshop. He's working on lockers to put by the front door. I can't wait for him to finish. The constant pile of boots, snow pants, gloves, etc. is driving me crazy. Anyway, there was a ton of scrap wood left over so we made wood sculptures. And we painted them...

One of us decided to do some body art...

We tried to make an ice castle. Both kids loved dyeing the water in different containers. And during the week of the big ice storm, it never got cold enough to freeze. We will try this again soon. I'm sure there is more cold weather to come.

I can't even count how many snowflake "crystals" we made this week.

We made snowfake rubbings on tinfoil...

We made beaded snoflakes...

Alice came up with the idea of making bracelets out of them...

And puzzles, puzzles, oh how we love puzzles...

We played cake walk to Dancin' Queen at a sound level that probably caused permanent damage to our hearing...

The highlight of Alice's week, a miniature bakeshop...

It was a long, but fun week.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

2010 Wow. I'm still writing 2009 on checks. Brad was in Ukraine for New Years so the kids and I celebrated with the Ledinskys...
I provided the decorations...

And the Ledinsky's provided the entertainment...
Jon set up a microphone for the kids to sing. Fun, but very loud!

Wyatt always has several drum sets around.

We ate pizza and drank milk out of champagne glasses. Hopefully that isn't one of those no-nos that is a sure way to cause your child to have a drinking problem later in life... oh well.

An finally to calm things down (and trust me, they needed to calm down), the kids watched "Up".

Thursday, January 7, 2010


We celebrated an early Christmas with Mom and Dad in NC. We had lots of fun visiting family and friends. The cousins always have a good time together. It's too bad we don't live closer.

Our sweet friend Kay invited us for Christmas Eve dinner again this year. We had tons of fun and yummy food. The ice/snow storm couldn't keep us home.

Kay gave Alice this adorable penguin apron and hat that she just loved.

She gave Will books. Perfect.

Christmas morning was so much the fun. Both kids were so excited and Brad and I really enjoyed watching them.

Will loved his golf set from Dee Dee. He was quite dangerous with a golf club.

Alice absolutely loved her scooter.

I don't know what Santa was thinking with the Polly Pockets. There must be 10 million little tiny pieces.

I made a special Christmas breakfast. We didn't have sausage balls like usual. Dad made tons of them and I forgot to bring them home!


The Ledinskys came over for sledding in the afternoon.

I was super cold and there were lots of red cheeks.

The day after Christmas we went out on a family outing to did some sledding and scooter riding.

What a way to end the year!