Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Let's Back Up A Little

Just wanted to get you caught up to speed on a few things...

Alice is riding without training wheels. As you can tell, her old bike was way too small for her.

So Brad came home with this...

Alice loved it of course. It took a little getting used to because of the hand brake, but she's got it now! Both of the kids are crazy about riding their bikes and would probably chose it over almost anything I can think of.

Alice had her last day of preschool.

I can't believe how quickly she's growing up and that she'll be in Kindergarten in just a few short months!
Here is with her teachers...

Ms. Nikki

Ms. Connie

Ms. Carolyn

Here she is with some of her best buddies...

Alice was also in her first ballet recital. She loved being on stage!

She finished up an exciting first season of soccer...

Will also finished up Mother's Morning Out.

But his big news is... HE'S POTTY-TRAINED!! It was actually super simple. He wants to be just like his big sissy and it didn't hurt that he'll do anything for candy!

Brad finished his first sprint triahlon. I think he has the itch now and wants to do more!

He also celebrated a fun Father's Day. The kids got him a new hammock, which he loved!

I finished HyVee again. It was cut to a sprint because of terrrible weather. I was disappointed after all that training, but I stil enjoyed it!

So that's what we've been up to!

Do You Know Her?

After lots of screaming caused by hair brushing, hours spent washing and drying hair after the pool, and after lots of discussion, Alice got her haircut today... 8 INCHES!!! She is going to send the hair to an organization similar to Locks of Love called Beautiful Lengths. She is very proud that her hair will be used to make a wig for a child that has lost his/her hair. I think she looks adorable, and best of all, she thinks she does too!

Summer Solstice

It has become a yearly tradition to go to the Brammer's Summer Solstice party. It never disappoints and this year was not different. My camera battery died half-way through, but I got a few fun shots. There was the Maypole...

There was the water balloon toss/fight...

There were the flags and best of all the friends...

Not a bad way to spend the longest day of the year!