Thursday, January 1, 2009

For Auld Lang Syne

For days gone by... It feels like just yesterday that I was dancing on New Years' Eve with my friends in Georgetown to Prince's 1999. Where does the time go? What a year 2008 was. I made Alice a collage of picutures from the year.

We made a list of all the things she learned to do and fun activities she participated in. Alice came up with many of the items on the list.

This year she celebrated her 3rd birthday, learned a jig on St. Patrick's Day, played with her friends, hung out with her grandparents, "rocked out" with Daddy (mainly to Bruce), spent lots of time at the pool and park, went on an Easter Hunt at Gigi's, went to the tulip festival, watched the Cubbies play (Iowa Cubs), went to the beach, was a "steak monster", took art classes and gymnastics classes, went to the State Fair, caught a fish, rode in a canoe, went to 2 Justin Roberts concerts, toured a fire station, visited a turtle hospital, played in the leaves, went to the pumpkin patch, dressed up like jelly beans for Halloween, dressed up with Phoebe, had a cookie party, and celebrated Christmas with her family. She learned to do a somersault, to go down the pole at the park without help, to swim, to ride a bike, to cut with scissors, to write her name, to count to 100, to sled by herself, to read short sentences, and to sing tons of songs.

Will was not interested in and did not have the vocabulary to make his list, so I did it for him. He went to all the places mentioned above with Alice. He learned to roll over, crawl, pull up, climb up the stairs, to walk holding someone's hand, to say mama, daddy, alice, all done, down, up, on, hi, more, water, milk, shoe, cracker, cheese, home, truck, go, hammer, and the please sign. He learned to wave, blow kisses, point to his head, tummy, foot, nose, ear, and mouth. The changes that happen in the first year just amaze me. We are wonderfully made.

As for Brad, here are the highlights: he left the Governor's office, joined Link Strategies, left Link Strategies, joined Obama, left Obama and now is back at Link Strategies. Our taxes are going to be a nightmare! He got in as much fishing, reading, and drinking wine as he could when he wasn't working. He went the whole year without buying any new clothes, so everything he owns has a hole in it. He is definately going to have to do some shopping in the new year.

And me: I've been on a hard, but wonderful journey staying home with my kids. I never expected that going from one child to two would be so much more challenging. I grew my business to 9 clients. I am loving working, but struggle to balance work with spending time with the kids. I've learned to let some things go and to feel ok about it. Perfection is not the goal. I have become more involved at church and I'm really enjoying the relationships that have come out of that. I have been in good health this year, and for that I am truly grateful. I am so blessed with 2 amazing children, and the best husband anyone could ask for.

What a year!

We had a little family New Year's Party. Alice and I made a Time Square Ball.

Highlights of the party were pizza, a cake with sparklers, and dancing.

The year is already off to a great start. My sweet friend Brooke invited over tho her house for brunch and football watcing this morning. She made the most delicious egg casserole and I learned that you can make bacon in the oven. Who knew?

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