Friday, January 30, 2009

Busy Busy

We've been so busy this week that I just haven't gotten around to the blog. I'm still trying to catch up after being gone last week. All the boring stuff like laundry and cleaning has caught up with me. I tend to get focused on one thing and forget about everything else, so I have a mountain of laundry to do and some serious dust build-up to take care of. This week I have been consumed with getting ready for Alice's birthday party which is tomorrow. More to come on that later.

Alice and I made brownie snowmen earlier this week. My little chocoholic had the time of her life. I think she had more batter than brownies when it was all said and done. Will was a fan of the brownies too. He just sat under the pan and made lots of noise until someone gave him another brownie. He has become very vocal and verbal this week. His favorite word is cracker (usually said "crack") which is very funny because crackers are like crack to him. He sits by the pantry and says cracker very emphatically until he gets what he wants. Are you seeing a pattern here?

Alice was very excited to have her best buddy Ellie over for lunch on Wednesday. They made snowman bagels using raisins, carrots, and sunflower seeds. They decided to add their strawberry applesauce to make cheeks and grapes for eyes. I can't imagine that it tasted very good, but they ate it. For "dessert" they made banana snowmen on skewers.

In honor of the Chinese New Year, we ordered chinese food. Will loved it. It took us forever to clean up all the rice he got everywhere. Alice on the other hand was not a fan Chinese food. She did take several tiny bites hoping that it would be enough to get her fortune cookie, but we decided to hold off on that until another day. I bought chopsticks earlier in the week but could not find them at dinner time. I am so mad at my self. I have to work on my organizational skills. Alice has learned a little something about China this week. We have been looking at the map and talking about how China is far away and that you would have to take a long airplane ride to get there. When the delivery man left she said, "he is a man from China living in Iowa." I guess she understands!

I'm off to put the finishing touches on Alice's birthday party.

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