Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Out of Sorts...

I am writing this with 2 packs of frozen peas in my bra and a bottle of Cloraseptic spray by the keyboard. It's been one of those days. Will has had a fever since Saturday morning. I feel so bad for the little guy. He finally ate dinner tonight which I think was a good sign. Why the peas? I stopped nursing him 2 days ago. He was down to just the morning feeding, but turns out he eats a lot in the morning. I'm a little uncomfortable. Anyway, moving on... Alice has been sick as well and we have kept activities down to a minimum. This weekend I froze water in different containers and added some glitter. I saw this on My Mont. Journey. Alice enjoyed playing with her penguins and the "ice shelves".

This is the snowman that Alice made this afternoon.

She was in an exceptionally good mood today. She spent most of the afternoon in her own little world making up stories. She can keep herself entertained for hours if she really gets into a scenario. Today she was on a hunt involving a flashlight with several imaginary friends. I really have to get her on video, so cute! That's all I have in me for today!

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MsAmanda said...

Lisa, I didn't know you were blogging. Fun pics, makes me want to stay home from work and do crafts with you guys!