Monday, December 8, 2008


Just a quick update from Thanksgiving...
We went to Atlanta to visit Brad's mom and stepdad. We decided to travel on Thanksgiving day which turned out to be a great idea. The airport was a ghost town. We took the direct flight and were there in 2 hours in time for Thanksgiving dinner. Mom bought the kids matching Bailey Boys turkey outfits. They are reversible with generic appliques on the other side so they can be worn anytime. I love Bailey Boys clothes. I doubt Brad will let me put Will in these outfits for much longer. I'll enjoy it while I can.

The highlights of the trip were a visit to the Atlanta High Museum of the Arts. The First Emperor: China's Terracotta Army is on exhibition,1,1,10
We left the kids with the grandparents for this one. Alice may have enjoyed it, but it was very crowed and lots of reading/listening was involved.
It was facinating. A farmer found the tomb of the first emperor of China while digging a well in the 1990's.

Other highlights were playing in workout room with Dee Dee. Alice loved the ballet bar and mirror and put on many recitals for us.

Will loved crawling up and down the treadmill. Brad and Alice created a new game called "kid pool". It involved trying to knock all the balls in the pockets using your hands.

Will loved the outlets. Dee Dee must have had 2 million outlets in her house and Will checked out each one. He also enjoyed climbing up the multiple flights of stairs over and over and over.

We also took a trip to the mall and made a special trip to the American Girl store. Alice was in heaven. Dee Dee bought her a doll for Christmas (it's a surprise). Both kids loved riding on the carousel in the mall. Dee treated Brad and I to dinner at NY Prime and provided babysitting while we went. It was so yummy and so nice to be alone. Afterwords we saw Australia. I highly recommend it. It was very romantic and I learned a lot about Australia's history. It was a great visit. Alice sobbed when we left. It took her the entire 45 minute ride to airport to stop crying. So sad.

When we returned to Des Moines, we were greeted by snow. Ahh reality. Alice was obsessed with scraping the snow off of the car windows. She was thrilled to put on her snowsuit. This is the third winter she's worn it-SCORE!

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