Monday, November 24, 2008

Crafts in November

We made a cute turkey out of plates. I got the idea here:
It was super easy and Alice really enjoyed it. All you need is one Chinet dinner plate and one Chinet dessert plate, brown paint, feathers, plastic eyes, construction paper, and a pipe cleaner. This is Alice working on her turkey.

And here is the finished product. She wanted to hang it on her bedroom door.

I put popcorn kernals in a bucket with cups and spoons for Alice to play with. At first she played with it as I intended.

As time went on, she had her own ideas....

We made a turkey pinata. I got the idea at
This was a week long project. We did one layer each day. I did most of the tissue paper. We took it to Sunday Night dinner and hung it in the Link's basement. It was a little difficult to hang, but Patty figured it out and the kids really enjoyed it. We were a little scared by how hard they were hitting it. Maybe a little built up aggression?

Even little Will got to take a swing.

A big reward for all that hard work. Gus cracked me up. He was so focused on picking up a much candy as he possibly could.

I added feathers, eyes, and turkey cookie cutters to her playdough supplies. She had so much fun making turkeys all month.

We made apple turkey. All you have to do is slice an apple in half. Lay it on a plate. Attach small colored marshamallows on toothpicks. Gently push into the back of the apple. Attach a large marshmallow on a toothpick and gently push into the front of the apple. We used raisins on toothpicks for the eyes.

It was so much fun, we did it again with Alice' pal Gus.

We made noodle necklaces. We dyed pasta by submersing the pasta in rubbing alcohol and food coloring. We let the noodles dry overnight before making the necklaces.

This is Alice making her necklace. She also made them for her friends.

I discovered muffin-tin meals this month. I am still looking for Christmas silcone muffin tins. I got these cute little picks from
Here is Alice's lunch from today...

This is Alice eating with her new picks. She loved it!

We are working on Thanksgiving treats for her friends. More to come later...

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