Thursday, December 18, 2008

Alice had her Christmas party yesterday at school yesterday. I am a little frustrated because I didn't realize that their was something on my camera lense until after her little performance was over. Needless to say, some of the pictures are blurry. Oh well. A friend of mine has a video of the songs they sang. I will try to upload it at some point. This occasion made me want a digital video camera even more. So Santa if you're out there, All I want for Christmas is a video camera!! Imagine the blogging possibilities!
Alice was so cute yesterday. Brad and I were a little late getting there and all the kids were sitting down having millions of pictures taken by the parent paparazzi. I called Alice's name and she sprang from her seat to come and hug us. She was really "on" during the whole performance. She's quite the ham.

I took pictures of Alice with all of her little girlfriends. They were all dressed in adorable Christmas outfits. Alice spent a great deal of time near the cookie table which should not come as a shock to anyone who truly knows her.

Alice made this ornament for us at school. What a great idea!

Here is Alice with her teachers.

One of Alice's favorite things is to get packages. Mom is always great about sending special treats. Yesterday she hit the jackpot- 3 packages. After we opened everything, she decided to be a package. Alice- "What would you think if you got me in the mail?" She then popped out of the box over and over. Then she spent an hour or so playing with all of the presents under the tree. Will climbed over them, stood on them, and drooled on them. Hopefully they will be intact by Christmas.

One of the boxes contained sausage balls sent by my dear sweet Dad. Every year around Christmas Mom puts him to work in the kitchen. He sits there for hours rolling sausage balls. If you look carefully, they are fairly uniform in size. You're amazing Dad. The image of Dad rolling those balls will always be one of my favorite Christmas memories.

Last week one of Alice's friends invited her to be part of a sticker club. I thought it was such a wonderful idea. Basically, you send a package of stickers to the two people listed on the form and then send out 6 forms with your name and a friend's name on it, asking them to send you stickers. It's a fun was to get mail, which as I said before is one of Alice's favorite things! Here is the form and the stickers we mailed out to her friends.

This is a stained glass Christmas tree project Alice and Steph did last night.

This is Alice working on her coloring contest picture for Dahl's. It's a work in progress. I'll post the finished product when she's done!

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