Friday, December 12, 2008

Frosting, Sprinkles,and some Cookies

We had a cookie decorating party for our church group today. Alice has been so excited about this day for such a long time. Last night while I was putting on her PJs went something like this...
Alice: Are we going to school, art, or church tomorrow?
Me: We're not going anywhere tomorrow. LONG PAUSE (Alice-sad face) We're staying here for the cookie party!
Alice: Yes, Yes, Yes, That's it! Whoopee!
This was followed by uncontrollable giggling. I'm shocked that she actually went to sleep and that she didn't wake up at the crack of dawn in expectation of the party.

Last night I made the cookies and set the tables up. I used the Pillsbury Sugar Cookie Dough Sheets. They come in 3 sheets per package. Each sheet made between 8-10 cookies depending on the size of the cookie cutters. I'll never make sugar dough from scratch again. Because ready-made dough is notorious for drying out quickly after baking, I placed 2 slices of bread in each box to keep them moist over night. It worked like a charm.

I made cute little placecards for each child using the materials I was going to use for last years' cookie swap invites. The one I never had because Will was one month old and I was barely able to get my teeth brushed, much less host a cookie swap!
Anyway, here they are...

Each child got a tray with 1 bowl of red icing and 1 bowl of green icing. I gave them popscicle sticks to spread the icing with, and everyone shared the millions of decorations I've been collecting. At the end, most of this kids had ingested their weight in sugar and not many of the kids had cookies left to take home. I would call that a successful party. Here are the kids decorating and eating.

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