Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Let It Snow Let It Snow- Some MORE!

It snowed again last night, but before it did, there was ice. I am really looking foward to scraping my car in a few minutes. We got off to a crazy start this morning. Around 8:00 I remembered that Chris Maharry was coming to take our Christmas picture. At the time I was in the middle of feeding Alice and Will their breakfast, all in our PJs. I also remembered that the tree was not done, so Alice and I quickly put two boxes of ornaments on the tree. For every ornament she put on, she begged me to put another on her tree in her room. Of course none of her ornaments actually stay on her tree. She takes them down to sort and to play with, which is great, but I am constantly catching Will with ornament hooks. Unbelievably we were all dressed and were ready by 8:30. I wish I had a video of Alice having her picture taken. She kept saying Miss Maharry (he's a guy), take my picture over her or take my picture doing this. It was so funny. Will would not smile for anything. The pictures should be up by this afternoon on Chris' website www.maharryphotography.com.

Here are some of the treats we've made in the last few days. We never got around to caramel apples during Halloween, so we made them for Christmas.

I finally found a christmas tree slicone muffin tin and here is Alice's lunch from the other day. She loved it!

This weekend Brad went to the hardware store with Alice to get something to fix the baby gate and came back with a disc sled. They spent half the weekend sledding in the park. It was cold, I mean windy cold and they stayed out there. Her little cheeks were so red, they matched her shirt!

While they were sledding, I was busy making 6 dozen cookies to take to Molly's cookie swap. I was shocked at how quickly I was able to make them (around 2 hours). I think it was because they kids weren't there. If you are curious what 6 dozen cookies look like, here you go...

Alice wanted to sample one of each kind from the party. There were 13 different cookies. We settled on 4.

That night we went to the Governor's Christmas party. As we were leaving, we heard Alice whimpering in her room. Brad went up to see what was wrong, she said, "I didn't want to cry, but my heart just told me to." So cute.

Brad and Alice are on an outdoor kick. Yesterday during his lunch hour he took Alice to the outdoor ice skating rink. When I picked them up and hour later, she was skating. I was amazed. Here are the ornaments we made last night.

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