Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Preschool Christmas Gifts

We were really busy last night! Alice made a cute handprint angel for the tree. It got a little messy. I turned around and the whole table was covered in paint.

I tried to get Will to color while we were working, but he was not interested. I just realized that he is getting his top one year molars. This could explain why he was so cranky yesterday. We will try coloring another day.

We made playdough cookie lollipops for her preschool classmates. The dough really does look like playdough! At first I thought I had made them too large, but they seemed to be fine after they cooled.

I forgot to get the clear plastic bags to wrap them in so I cut the zipper part off of ziplock bags and tied them with cute green and red ribbon. I tied a card that has a picture of Alice in her Christmas sweater that says Merry Christmas 2008, Love, Alice. It is difficult to see in the picture.

I found these cute paint can containers for the teacher's gifts. I made more pretzel treats to put inside. Alice decorated them with stickers.

I'm headed to her preschool party/performance. I'll put those pictures up later!

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