Sunday, December 21, 2008

More Christmas Fun

What a weekend. On Friday night Brad went to the Link Strategies Christmas Party at Riverside Resort and Casino. I was supposed to go, but I had strep throat and felt horrible. Will was also sick and even though Steph can totally handle it, I couldn't leave him. Brad actually came home with more money than he left with. The craps tables were good to him! Here is a picture of some of the gang. Can you guess who the guy in red is? Yep, that's Charlie Daniels of The Charlie Daniels'Band. So funny!

Alice passed the time by "ice skating" in the kitchen using waxed paper.

Here are some of the cute projects Alice made this month in her art class. I am always impressed by the adorable things she brings home.

This is the ornament her art teacher made for all of her students!

We were supposed to go to KS to visit my Aunt and Uncle and cousins, but we just couldn't expose all the babies to the plethera of germs we are carrying around. I finally started feeling better yesterday afternoon and we went Sunday Night Dinner. As tradition has it, there was a white elephant gift exchange and Teresa was in charge. That means everyone plays by the rules! The kids exchanged gifts first starting with with youngest, Nash. He was most interested in eating the package and Will was most interested in the wrapping paper. Patty gave the girls matching headbands with their names on them. Alice loved hers so much that she slept in it last night. Graham and Carter got I-tunes cards and were quickly off to use them.

I was thrilled with my gift. I ended up with a travel Scrabble game, which is perfect for me and my love of games.
The girls spent the rest of the evening changing between PJs and leotards.

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