Sunday, March 1, 2009

Getting Back on Track

I've haven't posted anything in over a week. I don't know what I've been doing, but I plan to get back on track! I have cabin fever in a major way. I think the temperature is supposed to get up into the 50s this week and daylight savings time ends next weekend. It's a good thing because I'm holding on by a thread! I have started to get spring fever and have had that urge to organize. My biggest accomplishment on that front so far has been my office project. It was a costly and time consuming project, but well worth it, and besides that, what else do I have to do? HA
I bought baskets and transferred all of our craft supplies into them. Prior to that I had them all shoved in a cabinet in the kitchen. Everytime I opened it, an avalanche of craft supplies fell on my feet. Also, Will was becoming very fond of opening the door and playing with its contents! So here is what it looks like now...

I haven't labeled each basket yet, but I plan to label each one on the tags I attached to the handles.
Here's a quick recap of last week:
I have been going to the gym 6 days a week. It has taken me a while to fall into the routine, but it is manageable now. It works out best for me to go in the morning before the kids get up. Brad has been a trooper and has been getting up with the kids. I am really loving the swimming. I think I have gotten a lot better in the last few weeks. Not so much better that I wouldn't drown if I did the triathlon tomorrow, but better.
We tried out chocolate playdough this week and it was a hit with both kids. Alice made cakes, muffins, cupcakes, and cookies. Will ate lots of her creations. Luckily all of the ingredients were edible!

We did a few fun Mardi Gras activities. After watching lots of YouTube videos about Mardi Gras, we decided to make our own masks. I found the templates online and cut them out.

Alice glued purple, yellow, and green tissue paper squares on the masks.

After they dried, I laminated them so we can use them for years to come.

Here is Alice modeling the masks.

We went to the Fat Tuesday Pancake Supper at church. I forgot to take my camera, but I wish that I had. Will ate and ate and was very sticky!
We also made a King cake by rolling out cinnamon rolls from a can. We then made a cream cheese filling to put in the middle.

The tradition is to put a baby in the middle of the cake and whoever gets the piece with the baby has good luck.

We made our own colored sugars using food coloring.

And here is the finished product. Not so cute, but very tasty according to both kids!

We made sure that Alice got the baby, just to avoid a crisis!

An finally, Will's big news this week is that he got his first pair of real shoes. He started screaming as soon as the salesperson place them on his feet. So sad. On Friday he took 7 steps in a row and initiated walking several times on his own, but he went right back to crawling on Saturday!

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Michie said...

I've been thinking of trying the chocolate playdough with my daughter too. Looks like you guys do lots of fun things at your house!