Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I'm sitting here trying not to scratch myself to death. I just finished my triathlon class and the pool always makes me itchy. I'm going to need to bathe in lotion before bed. I am feeling much better than I did last week after class, so I guess that's improvement! When I got home, I ate everything in the house that wasn't glued down.

Recently I bought a IA bird identification book, so we have been watching the birds in the back yard quite a bit. We decided to make some of the birds we've seen. The first two birds are the Cardinal and the American GoldFinch (IA state bird).
I found the pattern on DLTK's website and traced them on a cereal box.

Alice painted the cardinal and then added the red feathers while the paint was wet.

We didn't have any bright yellow paint, so she glued yellow tissue paper on the GoldFinch and then added the feathers.

Our sitter, Stephanie, took this picture of the kids today and I just love it!

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Michie said...

That's a cute craft idea to go along with looking for the birds outside!