Monday, February 2, 2009

More Celebrating

Today was Alice's actual birthday. I feel like we've been celebrating her birthday for a month! I decorated her door after she went to sleep last night. She was very excited about the balloons.

Before breakfast she opened her presents. Dee Dee gave her a daybed/trundle and PJs for her American Girl doll. This was a huge hit with Alice. Before she went to bed tonight she tucked her dolls into bed and sang them songs. So cute! The doll bed is right beside hers. I would sneak in and take a picture if I wasn't afraid that I would wake her up.

I read Alice's favorite book, Pinkalicious to her class today. I am posting the picture, but I look awful. I was dressed for YPUMP. She took pink cupcakes with tiaras on top to celebrate with her friends.

We made a "stained glass" heart this afternoon. I cut up tissue paper squares and a heart shape. I placed the heart shape on a piece of contact paper and then Alice filled the opening with tissue paper squares. When she was finished, I put another piece of contact paper on top and cut off the excess.

We told Alice she could choose where she wanted to go to dinner. And as most 4 year olds would do, she chose McDonalds!

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Michie said...

My daughter turned 4 on February 3rd! How funny! Looks like she had a fun day. :)