Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Muffin Tin Tuesday? and Bird Sandwiches

I was a little late getting to Muffin Tin Monday. We had muffin tin tacos last night for dinner. Alice enjoyed putting her own toppings on her tacos. It was a huge mess, but lots of fun! Head on over to Her Cup Overfloweth to see what other moms served for lunch yesterday!

Yesterday we made food for the birds. As Alice was making them she said, "these are bird sandwiches", so that's what we'll call them. First she spread peanut butter on both sides of old bagels. Then she poured bird seed on top. Mainly, she also ate a lot of peanut butter! I tied string through the holes so we could hang them.

This is Will while we went outside to hang them without him. He was so sad that he didn't get to go. He is such a little person now. He wants to do everything that Alice does! He is so talkative now. He is constantly babbling and trying to say words. So far this week he has learned to say help, up, ball,and go, but blueberries and cracker continue to be his favorites. This morning at music he got a stamp on his hand. When I told him it was a bunny, he said, hop!

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