Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Warm Weather!!!

I think we hit 70 degrees yesterday and 75 degrees today. It was heavenly. I can't wait for warm weather to stay. We have spent a lot of time outside the last few days. I think Alice might even have a tiny sunburn. This weekend was so beautiful.
We went for a family bike ride-Will's first.

Alice climbed the tree in the front yard. She was very determined and fearless.

We went on lots of walks. We basically had to pry Alice off of her bike when it was time to go inside.

Brad finally got his birdhouse up. We have been watching for birds, but none have used it as far as we can tell.

Last week when the weather wasn't so warm, I had to get creative to keep the kids from going stir crazy. I took the cushions off the sofa in the playroom and the kids had such a great time jumping and climbing. I think I took a million pictures at Alice's request. She loved when I was able to catch her mid air and tried to jump higher each time so I could catch her "floating".

We've been very busy doing lots of St. Patrick's Day activities. We made shamrock-shaped rice crispy treats. There weren't many left when we were done because we ate so many while we were making them.

We made green slime!!

When we weren't looking, a leprechaun dyed Alice's pudding green.

We dyed some flowers green.

We made some gold and had a blast searching for it.

We made a 5 Orange Potatoes pasta rainbow. Alice was covered in glue and had to finish the project in her underwear.

On St. Patrick's Day, the leprechauns returned and brought breakfast. They left a trail of shamrocks leading to Lucky Charms and green milk.

We went to our first St. Patrick's Day parade.

And to end a most perfect day, we had an impromtu cook-out with some good friends.

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Michie said...

You do so many fun things with your kids. Your posts make me smile.