Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mixing Colors

Yesterday we read the cutest book- Little Blue Little Yellow about mixing colors. Afterwords Alice did a coloring mixing activity. I prepared 3 cups with primary food colors (red, blue, and yellow).

She loved using the eye dropper, although they were a little difficult to squeeze. Her favorite part was trying to guess what color she would make.

I gave her little pieces of colored paper so she could record the what colors she made. She was so proud of herself when she guessed correctly.
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Brad has developed a new hobby. About a month ago he decided to take up woodworking. He cleared out a space and created a work room where our old laundry room was. His first big project is a birdhouse. I am very excited to see it outside. Our house backs up to a park so we get lots of interesting birds. Can't wait to see which ones visit our house!


Mama Said said...

Very fun project! Love how you had her complete the chart! Cool, fun, and educational all wrapped into one!

Dee Light said...

Kids love mixing colors, and that is such a great book. Thanks for sharing such a fun activity!