Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just Will

I have had so many entries just about Alice, so this post is dedicated to "just Will".
Will had his first haircut last Friday. I was very reluctant to do it because I knew that it would make him look so much older. I just got tired of the mullet and comb-over comments so I did it. He loved it because they fed him the whole time. Even when she got out the clippers, he just sat there and ate his hairy crackers.


On the walking front, he's getting there. Tonight he took 8 steps from Brad to me and he was so proud of himself. He's really turning into a toddler. He loves his music class. When I tell him we are going to music, he starts to sing. When we get out of the car he knows where he is and starts to squeal. It makes the trek there worth it.
We've had a few warm days off and on in the last couple of weeks. It's almost torture because you get a taste of what warm weather feels like and then the temp drops down below freezing. We have taken full advantage of what warm weather we've had. Will absolutely loves to go outside. I'm hoping he will perfect his walking skills before the weather gets warm for good. Everytime we go out he ruins the knees of a pair of his pants!

I just added this picture of Will and Nash eating dinner together because it is just so darn cute!

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