Saturday, June 28, 2008

Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer

Another week, come and gone. I love summer. I love that I packed our gloves, hats, mittens, and scarves away in a box, and that I put that box on the highest shelf in the basement. I love flip flops, sunscreen, tank tops, shorts, popsicles, ice cream, and that I won't even have to think about snow for another 4 months! We had another great week. Alice and Brad had swim lessons again this week. Alice is like a little fish now. She even jumped off the side of the pool on Wednesday. We'll have to hit the pool this weekend so she can practice her new skills. She now claims to be training for the Olympics. When we ask her which sport she's training for, she says "all of them." She might just be. Her favorite weekly activity is gymnastics. Each morning she wakes up and wants to see the paper to see if Shawn Johnson (our local Olympian/Gymnast) is in it. She is getting pretty good at hanging on the bars by herself and walking across the parallel bars like a bear. When we ask her what her favorite part of gymnastics is she says, "the uneven parallel bars." We haven't been able to convince her that those are two different types of equipment (uneven bars and parallel bars). Alice took a butterfly class this week and got her very own caterpillar which she named Lacey. Lacey is busy turning herself or himself into a chrysalis. After he/she is done we are supposed to transfer him or her to a butterfly house. It makes me a little nervous to make the transfer. I hope nothing happens to little Lacey because our little Alice would be very upset.

Again this week, Will's big news is... another tooth. He has two teeth now. Better to bite me with! I have tried the yelling "no" strategy when he bites me, but it makes him cry and that makes me so sad, so I have to think of another strategy. He finally rolled over this week. It's a miracle. I honestly thought he might just skip rolling over all together. He is much happier on his tummy now. Happier meaning he doesn't scream bloody murder. I'd like to say that this week I was his Favorite Person, but Sissy still holds that title.

Change, Change, Change. That might give you a hint about Brad's week. He took yet another new job. Can you guess? Change? Yep, he'll be working for OBAMA for president until he becomes the president in November. Brad is going to be his Communications Director for Iowa. He's very excited about it and has already started working even though his official start isn't until July 1. This could make for a busy summer and fall. In case you're wondering, "What about Link Strategies?" Don't worry, he'll be back there in November.

And then there's me. What have I been up to... Oh yes, I finished the final episode of Veronica Mars season 2. It was so good, but I'm sad it's over. My mission today is to find season 3. I'm excited about it, but the show was cancelled during the middle of it's third season and so I already know that I'll be left hanging.

That's all for now.

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