Saturday, June 14, 2008

Let's Get This Party Started

I've always thought about starting a blog, so here goes...
This Week in Review:

Lisa: I started my first day of my summer work schedule. On Wednesday I worked from 9-5 and was totally exhausted. I wanted to just work one day so I could have the rest of the week off, but now I'm rethinking. My new obsession: Veronica Mars. It's all I can think about. Thanks Dallas and Laura for getting me hooked. I'm torn between having a viewing marathon and slowing the process down to savor each episode. Brad has to cut me off every night before bed and practically drags me upstairs as I'm begging for one more episode. Reflection:
The floods, the tornadoes, Tim Russerts' death. Life is so short and so unpredictable. I will not worry about the little things.

Alice: has been so delightful this week. There have been no arguments over getting dressed, what to wear, putting her shoes on, where to sit at the table. She has learned to leave her blankie in her room and only takes an occasional trip upstairs to snuggle. Of course blankie hasn't been washed in ages and we have to tackle that this weekend. Our next goal: no more "fingy" sucking. I painted Alice's toenails for the first time yesterday. She wants her fingernails done too, but we told her she had to stop sucking her fingies first. She said, "I'm stopping for a long time!" Within in 2 minutes, they were back in her mouth. I think she could identify with someone who is trying to quit smoking! Alice started gymnastics this week. She especially loved walking on the balance beam and hanging on the bars. I especially loved that she could go to the class all by herself. Alice also took a three day art class at the Art Center with me this week. I thought it would be nice to do something together, just the two of us. She made a horse, a clown, and a circus car. I so enjoyed watching how excited she was and just getting to be alone with her. Alice continues to lead a very active imaginary life. She creates elaborate scenarios and directs everyone else about what they should say and do to be a part of it. Coming up next week: swim lessons with Daddo.

Will: is getting to be so much fun. He continues to be such an easy, happy baby. I am so happy that he is becoming much more predictable as far as napping goes. He loves to bounce and grab. He reaches for and grabs everything. Last week, he grabbed a pot on the stove. Luckily it wasn't hot. This week he enjoyed playing in the wading pool and watching Sissy. No one can make him smile and laugh like Alice.

Brad: Happy Father's Day honey. What a wonderful husband and father. We had pictures taken of the three of us for his present. Here's the link to the pictures:
I couldn't wait to give him the pictures. We had Father's Day a little early last night. Brad is really enjoying his new job. He is so much more relaxed. He had to evacuate his office yesterday do to potential flooding. He was so dissapointed that he had to go out for BBQ and beer in the middle of the day.

That's all for now!

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