Sunday, June 22, 2008

Just Another Week In Paradise

I guess the theme of the week would probably be WATER. The week started off with flooding and then turned out to be really nice so we were able to log in a lot of hours at the pool. Brad took Alice to swim lessons before work each morning. Alice is completely in love with "Cady", Mr. Cady her swim teacher. He has been teaching swim lessons in the pool in his back yard for about thirty years. Brad said she's really doing well. She is actually starting to swim without holding on to him. We made it to the wading pool a couple of times too. Will loves to sit on the side and splash.

Will's big news this week is that he got his first tooth. He has been a little out of sorts, but still very happy and easy! He also has really started babbling. He fills or days with mamama,dadada, wawawa and he's pretty loud about it. When Alice wasn't in the water, she was riding her bike. Her new obsession. She had a big fall when Dee Dee was visiting and had been reluctant to ride, but she's back on the horse again.

I've been busy with work. I've taken on 3 new kids for the summer and have a lot more planning and paperwork to do. I saw a really nice office space for a cheap price and felt tempted to expand the business, but the feeling was fleeting. I really have a good set up now. They will be off to school in just a few short years and then the sky is the limit.

I've also been busy trying to figure out how to use all the veggies in our CSA (community supported agriculture) box. We paid to get a box of fruits and veggies from a local farm each week. I had no idea about what to do with several of the veggies: kohlrabi and bok choi. Luckliy the owner of the CSA posts recipes on her website:
I made a very interesting salad from the kohlrabi: and a really yummy beef dish with the bok choi:
It can be a little overwhelming to try to eat all the veggies before they go bad or the next box arrives.

Brad is so happy with his new job. I think he feels a little bad about not being able to help the governor during the floods. The gov. must not have been too mad about his leaving, because he had him over for poker this week. Brad's funniest moment this week: breaking the light cover on the fan while "rockin out" to Bruce with Alice in the playroom. He had to remove shards of glass from his head. He is fine, so I can laugh at him about it.

Big Events this week: Happy Birthday to Dee Dee and Aunt Joanie! We wish we could be there to help you celebrate. We miss you both.

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