Thursday, March 17, 2011

AUGUST- The Night Before Kindergarten

When you have an infant, you feel like your child will never be old enough to go to Kindergarten. I just can't believe how quickly those five and a half years went. All summer I was so sad about Alice going to school. I knew she was ready to go and that she needed to go, but I just loved being at home with her and just wanted to keep her for myself. I was the one who taught her everything and was with her for every little moment. It was such a foreign idea to send her off and let someone else take over her education. There were many nights that I woke up from a dead sleep in tears. After she started school, it took me months to get my bearings and I still don't fell whole when she is gone.

The day before school started, I tried to make everything very special for her. We both went and had manicures and pedicures.

She was fairly anxious throughout the whole experience. She hates having her fingernails cut and the toenails are even worse.
I even sprung for flowers on the big toes and fingers. She was thrilled with the outcome.

We had a special dinner...

Alphabet Pasta and Meatballs
Bread Shaped Like The First Letter of Your Name
Pencil Cookies

After dinner we took a family picture which I attached to her backpack so she could see us if she got at all homesick (I really don't think she did!)

And before bed, Brad read her The Night Before Kindergarten

And as was customary in Brad's family, she made a clothes person with her first day outfit...

This is what her face looked like all night. I don't think she got much sleep...

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