Thursday, March 24, 2011

OCTOBER Alice's First Culminating Event

Alice's school has many special things about it, and as times goes on, we just love her school (and so does she) more and more. One of the special things is Project Based Learning. The kids study a certain topic for a few months and then have a culminating event, at which they have to present what they have learned. I was always scared to death of public speaking, so I think it's wonderful to start working on this at such an early age.

This is Alice in her shirt she made with her 5th grade buddy...

The first event was about apples. They went to an apple farm, where had to ask a question that they had thought of. After they got their answer, they went back to school and had to find a way to represent what they learned. There were many other activities they took part in a school to further their understanding of the topic.
Alice, being the little author she is, did two...

This is her giving her presentation. She did such a good job presenting and answering everyone's questions. We were so proud.

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