Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring Glorious Spring!!!

Spring is finally here. We are like caged animals being released into the wild. We've tried to fit in a walk each day. Alice could live on her bike and Will tolerates the stroller as long as the park is his reward. He could live on the swings. On one of our walks we took pictures of signs of spring and made a book for Alice to take to school. Here are some of the pictures. We love spring!

I made picture cards of spring flowers that we take on our walks so we can hunt for them. This has made Alice and Will very aware of flowers along the way.

This is the robin's nest in the tree in the front of our house. You can get a really good view from our bedroom window. We are eagerly awaiting the baby robins.

In the backyard we found a patch of moss. We decided to see if we could grow some more moss. Alice mixed the moss with milk and poured it on surfaces around the yard. I found this idea at 5 Orange Potatoes, one of my favorite blogs. This sparked interesting discussions about what different plants need to grow and about roots. I will post pictures of our moss in a few days.

I also found this cute idea on the same blog. Alice made crayon shavings and then placed them in between two pieces of wax paper. And then, yes, I let my 4 year old use an iron to press the flowers.

They turned out great. Here is a picture that doesn't really do them justice.

Of course the best thing about spring is SNOOKIES! Our mom and pop's ice cream shop in our neighborhood opened this month. Alice asks to go there everyday. She loves ice cream.

Will on the otherhand was not impressed.

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