Friday, April 10, 2009

Busy Kids

A few weekends ago Alice and I went to IA city with Patty and Phoebe for an American Girl Doll Fashion show. The first thing Alice asked when she got there was, "when do I get to go on stage?" Luckily when the show was over the kids were allowed to go on stage. It wasn't easy to get her off!

The girls got chairs that attach to the table for their dolls.

They watched Mary Poppins on the way there and on the way home.

I've been trying to take daily pictures of the kids doing their thing. Lately, one of Alice's most favorite things to do is Leapster. This is her playing in her closet.

She has also been interested in puzzles. She is so proud of herself when she finishes a puzzle on her own.

This is Alice helping me wash the floor. The end result was what we decided to call "Lake Anderson."

This is how I found Will one day. He LOVES Chapstick. We have to hide it now.

I've been trying to create some new activities for Will, because after all, he's not a baby anymore! He loves putting the Easter eggs in the egg carton and then putting them back in his basket.

I thought I would see if he could sort by color. He was pretty good at it.

Of course his favorite activity is stacking blocks up and them making them crash.

I let him try "painting" with a wet paintbrush on the chalkboard. He loved it and had a complete meltdown when I made he stop. Even so, we will definately do this again.

I had to go to Chicago for a continuing education class last weekend and Alice went with me. She spent two days with Aunt Cindy and had a blast. They went to Build-A-Bear, Rainforest Cafe, the Disney Store, and to a salon to have their hair and nails done.

This is Alice having a picnic outside- YES OUTSIDE with her little friend Wyatt. So cute.

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