Monday, August 10, 2009

Beatin' The Heat

SO far this year we've been a little spoiled by "the coolest summer on record", but the temp. got into the high 90s this weekend. It was hot, I mean stay in your house hot. Because our children tend to get a little cranky when left inside for too long (and so does their mama), we had to go out. And this is what we did to beat the heat...
Brad braved the grill. This would not have been my choice of activity, but we gotta eat! Extra thick pork chops, beer can chicken, and corn on the cob, YUM.

I thought the hot weather called for ice necklaces. Super easy to make, and fun to eat? The kids thought they were too cold to wear, but they really enjoyed eating them.

Will played AT the water table.

Alice decided to play IN the water table.

And when it got so hot we couldn't take it anymore, we turned on the sprinkler.

We danced, jumped, and posed. Alice definately took the award for the best pose. The girl has spunk!

We'll give the dance to Brad.

I'm taking the jump!

And that's the way we BEAT THE HEAT!

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