Friday, May 8, 2009

Alice has been very interested in writing lately. She is always very proud of her work...

We have a set of dot-to-dot letter stamps that I used to stamp out friends' and family members' names. I taped each person's picture beside their name and laminated the strips so Alice can use dry erase markers to practice writing names.

What to wear? Temperature 55 degrees. A swimsuit sounds good!

We finally got around to planting. We planted giant sunflower seeds and milkweed seeds that we found at the park. We are hoping to attract monarch caterpillars.

Will got his second haircut. Out of force of habit I put him on the motorcycle where Alice always sits. I wasn't sure if he would be able to stay on the whole time, but he didn't want to get down. He wants to do everything his sister does. What a big boy!

Alice had a blast making May Day baskets this year. She loved going up to the door to deliver them and insisted that she do it by herself. She spent all day waiting for a knock at the door and caught several of her friends in the act of delivering their baskets. I tried to get her to wait until they left, but she was so excited. She ate so much candy.


We waited all winter for the Farmer's Market to start again and it did on Saturday! Breakfast Burritos! YUM!

Dancin' in the street...

Everybody loved the train, even Mommy!

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