Thursday, August 12, 2010


A highlight of the summer for Alice was Saftey Town which is put on by the city. For one week, Alice learned about traffic safety, drugs, water safety, etc. It was right up her alley, a whole week of rules. Each night when she got home, we got a little lesson of what she learned. I think she really learned a lot while having fun. For a portion of the day, they drove around the "town" on their big wheels learning about traffic saftey.

When the week was over they participated in a ceremony during which their police officer (teacher) had them take an oath to follow the saftey rules they learned.

Sixth graders led each small group. This is Alice with her leader, Annie.

We've been wanting to try sidewalk chalk for a while, and we were glad when we did. Alice and I spent several hours painting. Will isn't quite old enough to goin in the fun.

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