Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Baby is 5!!!!!

I am a little sad to write this post, because when I do it will be in writing and that makes it more real. MY BABY IS 5!!!! My name is Lisa and I have a child that is 5!!! I know she isn't getting ready to move out for college or anything, but I feel like 5 is too old. In some ways it feels like she was just an infant that I had no idea how to take care of and in other ways it feels like she's always been there and can't really remember my life without her. She brings me so much happiness while challenging me every single day.

Several days before her birthday I interviewed her. I think we'll make this a tradition each birthday from now on. Here's how it went:

What is your favorite...

Cereal- Koala Chocolate Balls (I think she had these once!)
Veggie- Pickle (no comment)
Fruit- Banana (she loves them but is constipated for 2 days after she eats them!)
Drink- Smoothie
Toy- Scooter
TV Show- Dinosaur Train (It's like kiddie crack to her)
Game- Chase
Restaurant- McDonald's (thanks Brad)
Holiday- Christmas-not because of the presents, because it's Jesus' birthday (a people pleaser already)
Animal-Dogs and sea turtles

If you could change your name: Grace

What do you love about Dad?: He's powerful

What do you love about Mom?: You love me and care for me so much

What do you love about Will?: I like to snuggle with him

Where would you go on vacation if you could go anywhere?: Jamaica where it would never snow ever (That's my baby!)

What do you wish for?: Baby Alive and that I could get a dog

Alice chose to have her birthday party at the Animal Rescue League. Somehow we made it out of there without a dog. I have to admit, I was tempted. They were all so cute and available.

They made treats for the dogs (dog bones with icing) and treats for the cats (out of toilet paper rolls)

They got to give the treats to the dogs. I think there were probably a few sick dogs at the shelter that night. The guide instructed the kids to give each dog only one treat. Didn't happen...

And to the cats:

Alice got a stuffed dog that all of her friends signed which she absolutely adores:

I made dog cupcakes. I bought every candy known to man in preparation to make each child a different dog. Turns out this is much more difficult and time consuming then I'd imagined. Everyone ended up with the same dog and were perfectly happy about it!

I also make treat buckets for the kids that came to the party. I added dog stickers, bone shaped cookies in a clear bag tied with ribbon, and Hershey bars I wrapped with special wrappers. I wish I had taken more pictures. They turned out really cute.

When I asked Alice what her favorite part of the party was, she said "opening presents of course!" As if to say DUH MOM!!

On Alice's actual birthday I had a colonoscopy. Good times. Not really. Anyway, I decorated Alice's door with hearts. The big one says, "We love you with all our hearts." The little ones say things we love about her...

We love your enthusiasm
We love your curiosity
We love your persistence
We love the way you dance
We love how funny you are
We love your creativity
We love your laugh
We love your smile
We love your beautiful heart

Brad stayed home with her and they had lunch at their favorite little joint (see above). Alice took cupcakes to school. Brad forgot to send the camera, but luckily my friend Jess came to the rescue and recorded the event for readers like yourself who are dying to see ...

Alice got so many wonderful gifts. So many that she still hasn't taken many of them out of the packaging. We have another day or two of thank-you writing in our future! This is a very tedious process with a beginning writer.

It was a successful birthday. An thus begins another chapter in our lives...


Anne said...

I laughed out loud through this entire blog entry. Happy Birthday "Grace"!

Michie said...

Happy Birthday to your 5 year old. My daughter turned 5 on Feb. 3rd, and I've been thinking the same thing - 5 sounds so old!

I think I might need to use your interview questions.